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MONOGRAPH.IT: Botticini + Facchinelli. ARW


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MONOGRAPH.IT: Botticini + Facchinelli. Architectural | Research | Workshop

  • An exclusive look at the designs, work ethic, and people behind the internationally renowned architecture firm Botticini

Botticini and Facchinelli's benchmark for their architectural projects is the complexity of a fragmented and versatile world. The interpretation of such a world is always different and articulated; it varies in accordance to specific subjects and contextual conditions. This architectural approach makes the preliminary conceptual content its foundation point. Moreover, it gives to the project a non-conventional interpretation because of the always diverse requests of functionality and appearance, and because of the many stimuli coming from the landscape and the site.

A collaborative, trans-disciplinary approach allows the involvement of different teams in the project planning. Thanks to a network of experts, it is possible to establish frequent collaborative links and solve every emerging problem in the most accurate and exhaustive way.

By combining project-based research with academic research at the University of Milan (Politecnico), Camillo Botticini received many awards, mostly for public works. Such awards underline Botticini's testing ground on concrete examples, in a synthesis between pragmatism and research design phases. His wide experience on small-scale public works, accomplished with detailed precision in the area of Brescia, Italy, created a vast network of relationships and experiences, which constitute a solid launch pad.

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