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a cura di Christian Schittich

For architects, the amount of work to be done on existing buildings is steadily increasing. This is partially a reflection of the advancing age of buildings, but it is also due to constant changes in building and social requirements. The desired or necessary measures, however, are always personalised and vary considerably.

As a result, there is no standardised or widely understood term that can be used to describe the range of construction activities related to existing buildings. Reflecting this, "best of DETAIL: Refurbishment" presents a comprehensive range of highlights from DETAIL on the topics of renovation, extension, restoration, refurbishment and conversion.

In addition to specialised theoretical contributions, the publication features an extensive section with examples of projects. From small-scale measures, such as the redecoration of single rooms or apartments, to the supersized category at the urban renewal level, it offers abundant inspiration as well as a variety of approaches to solving problems.

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ISBN: 9783955532550