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di Diane Hendrikx - Muriel Verbist

  • 17 fascinating portraits of leading Belgian architects accompanied by photographic essays of their family homes
  • Industrial lofts are juxtaposed with architectural gems from the 1950s; contemporary homes in the countryside with minimalistic mansions in the city

Almost all architecture is designed on commission for a client. And the architect's design must always bend to the wishes or demands of that client. The situation is turned on its head, however, when the architect becomes their own client when building, renovating or redecorating their own home. All of a sudden, the architect has the freedom to give full expression to his/her vision on living and the humble home is transformed into something of a calling card. This book contains 17 such calling cards: 17 extensive reports on the lofts, apartments or houses where leading Belgian architects such as Bob Van Reeth, Juliaan Lampens, Peter Swinnen and others live. Each report is accompanied by a text in which the architect expounds his/her own vision on architecture.

Architects Featured:
An Fonteyne - Bob Van Reeth - Sven Grooten - Ivo Van Hamme - Christian Kieckens - David Van Severen - Julien De Smedt - Juliaan Lampens - Kristof Geldmeyer - Niklaas Deboutte - Peter Swinnen - Marie-José Van Hee - Pierre Lhoas - Hans Verstuyft - Els Claessens - Nicolas Firket - Eddy François

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Formato: 23x28
Pagine: 272
Immagini a colori: 217
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2011

ISBN: 9789460580741