BEDMAR & SHI. The Bali Villas

Thames & Hudson

BEDMAR & SHI. The Bali Villas

di Darlene Smyth
a cura di Oscar Riera Ojeda

Il designer di origine argentina Ernesto Bedmar esplora gli stili architettonici tradizionali reinventadoli per il mondo contemporaneo. In questa pubblicazione vienne illustrato, attraverso una ampia ed accurata documentazione fotografica arricchita di prospetti e dettagli, il suo primo celebrato progetto: il complesso di ville di Jiva Puri, arroccato sulla spettacolare costa sud-ovest di Bali. Il design è intrinsecamente legato alla storia costruttiva dell'isola e mostra una profonda comprensione dei concetti architettonici tradizionali balinesi e il loro rapporto con il paesaggio.


Argentinian-born designer Ernesto Bedmar explores traditional architectural styles and reinvents them for the contemporary world.

Perched on the spectacular southwest coast of Bali sits Bedmar’s long-awaited first project on the island that has so inspired his successful career – the exquisitely designed, award-winning villa, The Jiva Puri. [‘Jiva’ in Hindu religious texts denotes the immortal essence of a living organism or being, while the Sanskrit ‘Puri’ refers to a place or large dwelling.]

Although highly contemporary in expression, the design is intrinsically linked to the built history of the island and shows a deep understanding of traditional Balinese architectural concepts and their relationship to the landscape.

With a foreword by Darlene Smyth that puts The Jiva Puri into context, sumptuous photography by Albert Lim that takes the reader on a detailed tour of every pavilion, and comprehensive plans, elevations and details, this book gives a fully rounded view of a villa complex that has set new standards of subtle architectural brilliance on the island.

Bedmar & Shi is a Singapore based design practice established in 1986, incorporating a wide range of architectural, conservation, landscape and interior designs. Since its inception, it has always maintained a staff of 12, a multicultural mix of personalities from various parts of the world, designers with a singular desire to explore the relationships between buildings and nature with particular emphasis on quality design and execution of its diversified portfolio. The company founders, Mr. Ernesto Bedmar and Madam Patti Shi, personally liaise with and direct each of the company’s projects. The list of projects stretches from New York, London, New Zealand, India and Malaysia to Indonesia, Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

> Darlene Smyth is a Canadian born writer and designer, she has a B.A. in Communications and Music, a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies and Master of Architecture from the University of Ottawa. She is a professor at the National University of Singapore and Director of the Singapore based design practice, A. D_Lab pte ltd.

> Albert Lim Koon Seng is an architectural photographer based in Singapore whose images have been published extensively in architectural journals such as A + U, MIMAR, Singapore Architect, World Architecture, SPACE and Monument. His photographs have also illustrated numerous books, including The New Malaysian House and Singapore Architecture: of a Global City. His work has been displayed at several exhibitions including the Venice Biennale and the Aedes East Gallery in Berlin.

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