AV 216: Vo Trong Nghia

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AV 216: Vo Trong Nghia

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AV 216: VO TRONG NGHIA. Natural Modern

Vo Trong Nghia heads a leading architecture firm in Vietnam. Following his training in Japan, the architect returned to his home country with the humble ambition of preserving its essential landscapes in the face of booming urban development and prosperity. Peaceful forms in dialogue with the environment, pavilions of exact geometry and vernacular inspiration, and light structures where bamboo replaces steel are typical of his work. VTN Architects explores various paths in terms of form and technique, yet with the common pursuit of sustainability and an active social agenda, wherein vegetation also takes a central role. Fifteen works and three prototypes are featured in this volume.

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Lingua: E-GB
Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9788409127436