AV 163/164: Norman Foster

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AV 163/164: Norman Foster

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AV 163/164: Norman Foster in the 21st Century

This special examination of the life and work of Norman Foster culminates in a focus on 50 projects from the 21st century, spanning more than 300 pages of photos, drawings and in-depth analyses. The monograph is the lengthiest in the magazine’s history, following as its guiding thread the celebrated architect’s desire to find generic solutions to unique problems. ‘Influences’, an insightful and extensive essay by Foster himself, introduces readers to how his background and outlook have shaped his architecture. Foster expresses his fascinations with vernacular tradition, the history of landscaping and how Buckminster Fuller remains a formative influence.


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Formato: 24x30
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Lingua: E-GB
Anno: 2013

ISBN: 9788461667048