ARCHIVES #6: Solano Benítez & Gloria Cabral

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ARCHIVES #6: Solano Benítez & Gloria Cabral

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Solano Benítez founded Gabinete de Arquitectura in 1987, which Gloria Cabral joined as partner in 2004. The studio uses knowledge drawn from Paraguayan craftsmanship to create and construct buildings of vernacular materials such as brick and tile. This special expertise has become a source of innovation in much of the architects’ work. By focusing on sustainability and respect for the environment across a range of projects of various scales, they engage with both the surroundings and material recycling in their unique approach to problem solving. Nine works from 1998 to the present are featured, along with an interview with Gloria Cabral by Peter Zumthor.

Four beams. Piribebuy, Paraguay. 1998
Abu house and Gabinete de Arquitectura Office. Asunción, Paraguay. 2010.
Children’s Rehabilitation Center Teletón. Asunción, Paraguay. 2010.
KSPatiño house. Patiño, Paraguay. 2012.
FADA, San Lorenzo, Paraguay. 2012.
L’office. Asunción, Paraguay. 2013.
Quincho Tía Coral. Asunción, Paraguay. 2017.
Texo Gallery. Asunción. Paraguay. 2017.
La Angelina house. Altos, Paraguay. 2019-in progress.
Peter Zumthor interviews Gloria Cabral

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