ARCHIVES #1: Flores & Prats

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ARCHIVES #1: Flores & Prats

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ARCHIVES #1: Flores & Prats (3rd Updated Edition)

Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats founded their architecture firm in Barcelona in 1998. Their studio, which occupies a former residence, is a workshop where the practical work of design merges with academics, friends, and colleagues; a place that itself is an accumulation of projects and of the realities that have passed through it over the years. This book revisits nine key projects in the duo’s internationally acclaimed oeuvre, including Liquid Light (Venice, 2018), Mills Museum (Palma de Mallorca, 2016), Building 111 (Barcelona, 2011), and Yutes Warehouse (Barcelona, 2005), plus collected images, models, and a conversation with Antoni Miralda.

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Anno: 2020

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Yutes Warehouse. Barcelona, Spain. 2005

House in a suitcase. Barcelona, Spain 1997

Providencia House. Badalona, Spain 2006

Building 111. Terrasa, Barcelona, Spain. 2011

Mills Museum. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 2002

Casal Balaguer Cultural Centre. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 2016

The New Sala Beckett. Barcelona, Spain. 2016

The Morning Chapel. Venice, Italy. 2018

Liguid light, Venice. Italy. 2018

A conversation with Antonio Miralda