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di G.Driendl - G.Lehrl
a cura di Georg Driendl

APOPLIVING. ... Apartments, Houses, Cities

  • First monograph on residential buildings by driendl architects
  • Presents residential building based on experience: from socially compatible to luxury
  • Includes contributions from Liesbeth Waechter-Böhm, Christian Kühn, and John Brown

Driendl is one of Austria’s most respected architects. His buildings show a quality level that is seldom reached. Not only do they withstand a second glance, but they even require it. Catchwords like 'wit' and 'innovation' might here give an approximate description of his abilities. His buildings feature on the cover and are in the table of contents of trend setting architecture journals such as GA, AD, Abitare, and others.

APOPliving is a very individual book in which Georg Driendl, in cooperation with specialists, covers the entire range of the topic 'living'. Like in a theatre play, he divides the topics into acts and gives each actor a second name. An extract: orchid: architecture; bay-leaves: money; oak wood: construction authority.

The book offers a monographic overview on Driendl‘s residential buildings and is thus a response to the large international demand. In the same time, the architect arranges an experts’ dialogue filling with life the totality of residential theories.

> Arch. Georg Driendl, born in Innsbruck in 1956, studied at Academy of Visual Arts, Vienna, diploma in 1983 under Roland Rainer and Timo Pentillä, followed by conceptional studies, urban analyses, and works in the field of experimental film; as of 1991, accredited civil engineer, as of 1996, driendl*architects

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