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ANDREA BRANZI, TRANSPARENCY. A Collection of Vases and Objects

I’ve always thought that vases aren’t just vases. They aren’t born to contain something, but to represent through their concave form the creative cycles of the universe, the black holes of the cosmos.“ - Andrea Branzi

The book transparency is a collection of vases and objects in Plexiglas made between 2002 and 2017. These clear, nuanced, or decorated objects are an important example of the current frontiers of what was once called “craftsmanship,” where manual work prevailed and which instead today has become the most technologically advanced segment of the entire industrial production cycle. A segment characterized by the use of high-tech materials, by numerical control machines, by electronic pantographs, and by manual finishes. These are highly automatized, flexible, silent, ultra clean labs, where the relationship between man and technological instruments is quite intense. The transparency of these objects, as I interpreted them with Giovanni Scacchi, is not only the result of the material. It’s also the metaphor of an exploration that unfolds in emptiness, intercepting hidden universes and new dimensions of the mind.

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- Limited Edition of 500 Copies

- Project by Giovanni Scacchi Gallery with Fortino Editions

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Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9781941372333