ALVAR AALTO. The Complete Work (3 Voll.)


ALVAR AALTO. The Complete Work (3 Voll.)

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a cura di Elissa Aalto - Karl Fleig

ALVAR AALTO. Das Gesamtwerk / L' Oeuvre Complète / The Complete Work (3 Voll.) 

The Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) developed, starting from Neoclassicism and Rationalism, his own unmistakable style that merges functional and expressive moments, while the people and their needs always at the center. The complete works of Alvar Aalto buildings and projects from the years 1922-1976 is 3 Edition. 1295 photos, pictures, plans 385 and 240 sketches showing Rhine in chronological sequence all the more important buildings.

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Anno: 1990

ISBN: 9783764355173

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