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di Annette W. LeCuyer - Brian Carter

ALL AMERICAN. Emerging Talent In American Architecture

In the second half of the twentieth century, American architects—including émigré architects working in America—created some of the most exciting and daring buildings ever seen. Today, at the dawn of the new millennium, new generations of architects are continuing to test the limits of the possible and the desirable. This is the first publication in many years to present a broad cross-section of emerging American architects. All American brings together twenty practices from every corner of the country, investigating the originality that is unique to the American culture and climate. From Greg Lynn's digital explorations to Rick Joy's rammed-earth houses, from Office dA's reinterpretation of vernacular styles to Diller + Scofidio's experimental structures and Wendell Burnette's reformulation of desert buildings: here is a rich degree of innovation, redefinition, and insight. After an introduction that traces the most recent developments in American architecture and identifies regional, theoretical, or political strands, the book focuses on each studio in depth, with an extensive profile and coverage of three to five (mainly built) projects. A reference section contains concise biographies of each architect as well as contact information and bibliographical details. The book has been designed by leading art director Rebeca Méndez, whose work has been the subject of several exhibitions.

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