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ALFABETO DELLA MEMORIA. Francesca Neri Antonello - Interior Landscape

Though respectful of the past, with her projects Francesca Neri Antonello innovates, experiments, and shatters one kind of architecture in order to create other kinds, while re-inventing objects and places. Born in Lima, Peru, she studied at the GWU in Washington DC and at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Her experience, which ranges from collaborations with Alessandro Mendini and the architect Martin Wagner for public and private projects to the hospitality line for the Frette Group, has led her to master her craft using tools that give shape to architectural projects—from buildings to textiles, furniture to finishings.

Each design showcased in this publication displays a unique feature—a personal language made of colors, materials, and objects that reference and dialogue with each other, thus giving life, each time, to a story. A villa in Milan, a refuge in La Punt, a flat in London, and hotel in Vico Morcote, to mention some of the projects, documented through the lens of some of the best interior photographers: Max Zambelli, Monica Spezia, Fabrizio Cicconi with Francesca Davoli, Santi Caleca.

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Formato: 24x33,5
Pagine: 248
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Lingua: IT-GB
Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9781941372227