AARON G. GREEN Organic Archietcture Beyond Frank Lloyd Wright

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AARON G. GREEN Organic Archietcture Beyond Frank Lloyd Wright


di Randolph C. Henning 

a cura di Allan Wright Green - Jan Novie

  • The complete works of Aaron G. Green with never-before-seen archival images and drawings showing the career of this Frank Lloyd Wright protégé

Aaron G. Green FAIA was an internationally known organic architect of “striking originality and grace.” His diversified architectural works include residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, judicial, religious, interment, mass housing, and educational projects. Aaron also taught advanced architectural design at Stanford University for fifteen years.

In the early 1940s, Aaron became a member of Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice group, the Taliesin Fellowship. Over the next twenty years, he maintained a close relationship with Frank Lloyd Wright, at whose request Aaron established a San Francisco office in 1951, both for his own practice and as Mr. Wright’s West Coast representative. When asked who Aaron was, Wright commented, “Aaron Green is my son.” Green participated in over thirty Frank Lloyd Wright projects and was appointed by Frank Lloyd Wright as associated architect for the Marin County Civic Center. Shortly before his passing, Green was awarded the first gold medal by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in recognition of his career and accomplishments and dedication to organic architecture.

This 448-page biography with over 700 black-and-white and color images, including many previously unpublished drawings from the Aaron Green archives selected and assembled with care, encompasses just a fraction of the work and influence of Aaron’s life. To cover everything in great depth would fill volumes; this monograph showcases thirty-nine projects that encapsulate the essence of his drive – to create beautiful organic architecture true to land, the building, and those who enjoy the spaces he created.

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> Randolph C. Henning, a practicing architect living in Lewisville, North Carolina, is the author of The Architecture of Alfred Browning Parker, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, and At Taliesin, along with numerous articles published in a variety of architectural journals. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1976 and earned his Master of Architecture degree in 1980 from the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

> Allan Wright Green is Aaron Green’s son. He has degrees in fine art and design, and has worked as a graphic designer and art director for clients all over the world, including several projects with his father. Allan retired after forty-three years in the wine business in Mendocino County when he sold his winery, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards, in 2016. Jan Novie joined Aaron Green’s firm in 1965. This was a critical and extraordinary turning point in his life, leading to a career in organic architecture with Aaron Green as his mentor. After Green’s passing, Jan became president of the firm. In addition, Jan serves as an advisor to the Taliesin Fellows Board of Directors and serves on the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Board of Advisors.

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