A+U 560: Emerging Architects in USA

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A+U 560: Emerging Architects in USA


Architecture in the United States has faced sweeping changes over the last twenty years, brought on by trends such as digital design, globalisation, and social design. Members of each the six featured practices have experienced these shifts in their formative years. Perhaps owing to improved accessibility of information and networking, their approach to architecture seems different from previous generations. While pursuing their own interests and affinities, they share a collective consciousness, form networks, and collaborate with peers in the same or different fields. With Office Kovacs, Bureau Spectacular, The LADG, Ellie Abrons, Mark Foster Gage Architects, and Young & Ayata.

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Anno: 2017

ISSN: 03899160-560



Essay: On the Far Side of Disconnection (Toshiki Hirano)

Conversation: American Architecture (Michael Meredith, Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai)


Office Kovacs 

Interview: Making Architecture from Architecture 

Andrew Kovacs

Archive of Affinities 

Proposal for The Lima Art Museum (MALI) 

Proposal for Downtown Alleys 

Proposal for the Revitalization of Plaza de España

Proposal for Social Condensers

Proposal for Collective Living (Bust of Medusa) 

Proposal for a Dog Park

Proposal for Järfälla Login Gate, A Horizontally Expanding Conglomerate


Bureau Spectacular

Interview: Toward the Spectacular

Bureau Spectacular (Jimenez Lai)

Cave Painting VIII

Tower of Twelve Stories

PS1 Pool Party 

Citizen of No Place 

Cartoonish Metropolis 

Museum is More 

Beachside Lonelyhearts 

Township of Domestic Parts Made in Taiwan

Three Little Worlds

Another Primitive Hut 


Interview: Producing Alternatives for Now and Beyond Storefront for Art and Architecture (Eva Franch)



Interview: Things with a Life of Their Own

The LADG (Andrew Holder, Claus Benjamin Freyinger)

The Kid Gets out of the Picture at the GSD 

House in Los Angeles 

Forty-Eight Characters 

The Oyster Gourmet 

Restaurant in Los Angeles 

Chicago Kiosk


Interview: Hotbed of Architectural Innovation Materials & Applications (Jia Gu)


Ellie Abrons

Interview: Material Misuse 

Ellie Abrons

Another Rock 

Inside Things

Peep Peep 

Mirror Mirror 

Detroit Reassembly Plant


Interview: Beyond the Boundary between Architecture and Art Jai & Jai Gallery (Jaitip Srisomburananont, Jomjai Srisomburananont)


Mark Foster Gage Architects

Interview: Towards an Inexhaustible Architecture

Mark Foster Gage

Tower on West 57th Street 

Proposal for Guggenheim Helsinki 

Nicola Formichetti Store, New York 

Proposal for The Lima Art Museum (MALI) 

Proposal for National Center for Science and Innovation Residence and Automotive Collection in Ad Diriyah 

House on Ile Rene Levasseur


Young & Ayata

Interview: The Aesthetics of the Estranged Object

Young & Ayata (Michael Young, Kutan Ayata)

Base Flowers 

Proposal for Bauhaus Museum Dessau 

Proposal for Guggenheim Helsinki 

Proposla for Busan Opera House 

Proposal for The Lima Art Museum (MALI) 

Wall Reveal 

Cône de Cadavre Exquis