A+U 559: MVRDV FILES 3. Projects 230–700

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A+U 559: MVRDV FILES 3. Projects 230–700


This issue is the third in a series devoted to the work of MVRDV, following previous editions in 2002 and 2007. The projects are organised by project numbers which correspond to their starting dates. Established in 1993, this Dutch firm has completed a number of world-famous buildings over the past decade. A few were featured in the second volume while still in the planning phase. Presenting 37 projects, plus interviews with each of the office’s three principles, this issue explores some of their most visionary work to date. Included are Rotterdam’s Market Hall, a Dutch library called Book Mountain, Seoul Skygarden, Balancing Barn, Roskilde’s Ragnarock, and more.

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Lingua: J-GB
Anno: 2017

ISSN: 03899160-559


230 Book Mountain
236 DNB Headquarters 
254 Glass Farm 
261 Market Hall 
373 Fashion HQ Tokyo 
376 Balancing Barn 
382 New Orleans L9W 
415 Rodovre Sky Village 
425 The Why Factory Tribune 
438 Pushed Slab 
Interview: Individualizing the Collective Winy Maas 
442 Electric Boulevard 
461 Pune Amanora Park Town 
462 Bałtyk 
464 Ku.Be House of Culture and Movement 
504 Supreme Court of the Netherlands 
508 Ragnarock 
511 Freeland 
514 The Couch 
524 Chungha Building 
531 Floriade 2022 
Interview: Inhabiting the Cities Jacob van Rijs 
546 Peruri 88 
548 Kiruna Future Vision 
553 Crystal Houses 
565 Cheung Fai Building 
578 Art Depot Boijmans van Beuningen 
579 Tengah Town 
589 Folie Richter 
604 The Coral Tower 
Interview: Architect’s Role in the Society Nathalie de Vries 
607 The Cultural Village 
620 Casa Kwantes 
631 Traumhaus 
636 Ravel Plaza 
642 Seoul Skygarden 
649 The Next Hutong 
689 B Ho(s)tel 
700 The Stairs