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A+U 513: Pezo Von Ellrichshausen


Dedicated to the practice of Chilean architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen, this edition examines ten works, from the early Poli House, which brought them international recognition, to their latest realisations and ongoing projects, and is replete with captivating photographs and drawings. Composed of bold and rigid geometry, the seemingly simplistic structures the pair designs maintain a close relation with the surroundings and, surprisingly, liberate space through its strict regulation. Essays by David Leatherbarrow and Rodrigo Pérez de Arce delve into the nature of their approach and address potentiality through their roles as artists, curators and researchers.

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Veste editoriale: Brossura
Formato: 22x29
Pagine: 128
Lingua: J-GB
Anno: 2013

ISSN: 03899160-513