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A+U 11:2002 SPECIAL ISSUE: MVRDV FILES. Project 002-209

A fabulous MVRDV monograph with an equally striking mission statement: What have they really conceived up to this point? What will they bring forth in the future? Can they be understood through the sequence of their projects that unfolds chronologically?

This monograph of MVRDV includes near 60 MVRDV projects completed or designed in the last 11 years: from no. 002 “Berlin Void” (Europan 2 Competition, 1991) to no. 209 “Esplanade et Vallee”. Also featured their major works, such as 100 WoZoCos (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1997), VPRO (Hilversum, the Netherlands, 1997), RVU (Hilversum, the Netherlands, 1997), Dutch Pavilion for EXPO 2000 HANNOVER (Hannover, Germany, 2000). 

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Anno: 2002

ISBN: 9784900211568