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A+U 03:2013 SPECIAL ISSUE: CAN LIS. Jorn Utzon's House on Majorca


Focusing on the summer house Danish architect Jørn Utzon built for his wife and himself on the Spanish island of Majorca, this special issue covers the process of its preservation and restoration, its landscape and setting, and the architectural thought of Utzon. Known for his concern for nature and social values, Utzon emphasised these in a synthesis of form, material and function. Unmistakably modern, Can Lis comprises a number of pavilions arranged to serve its various functions, blending effortlessly with its natural surroundings. Includes detailed texts by Lise Juel, architect of the restoration, John Pardley and Utzon himself, plus numerous drawings and an array of stunning photos. 

Veste editoriale: Brossura
Formato: 18x24
Pagine: 112
Lingua: J-GB
Anno: 2013

ISBN: 9784900211735