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Emergent Architectural Territories In East Asian Cities

di Peter G.Rowe

This book presents current developments in city planning and architecture in East Asia. It describes the many neighborhoods in which the region's large cities are modernizing or expanding with innovative structures and advanced construction projects. It combines a typology of public structures with an analysis of the compositional principles of urban environments. Thus, it finally connects new developments in city planning with new developments in architecture, and considers examples such as CCTV, Lujiazui, Kansai Airport, Xinyi, Taipei 101, Chek Lap Kok, Cheonggyecheon, Roppongi Hills, Da Shanzi, Shahe, Omotesando, and Marina Bay from a new perspective.And the new perspectives presented here are not just theoretical: some forty full-page bird's eye views prepared especially for this volume show these future urban settings in highly detailed images of breathtaking beauty. The result is a rich portrait of the coming together of global and local influences in non-Western countries. With its systematic approach, this presentation by one of the leading international experts in the field is a reference work on a topic of central importance to the world of construction today.


* > Peter G. Rowe is the Raymond Garbe Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and University Distinguished Service Professor at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. On related topics he is the author, co-author or editor of: Modern Urban Housing in China: 1840 to 2000; L’Asia e il Moderno; Architectural Encounters with Essence and Form in Modern China; Shanghai: Architecture and urbanism; and East-Asia Modern: Shaping the Contemporary City, plus numerous articles and book chapters.

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