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West 8


West 8 is a design team founded in the early 1990’s in Rotterdam and, within few years, become one of the most well-known author of the new international landscape design.

The work of West 8 is more and more a manifestation of the explicit integration of different disciplines and the bridging of extremes between small and big scale.

This approach is based on the strong convinction that the boundaries between architecture, design, urban planning and landscape architecture have lost their relevance.

In the design teams of West 8 the hybrid multidisciplinary perception offers a method to face contemporary design issues which are characterized by ultra-complexity, bureaucratic paradoxity and commercial banality. Although the method needs permanent self-reflection, it may result a series of authentic solutions with their own unexpected aesthetic.

In the design, the scale-jumping from landascape into design of from infrastructural engineering into architectonic details, combines the rough and eroic with the vulnerable, while engineering and poetry are linked.

This book sets the design and theoretical production of West 8 from 1990 to the most recent and still unpublished works in Holland, Germany and Italy. A detailed description of the projects (from the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam to the Borneo housing project in Amsterdam, from the new design for the open space of the International Airport of Schipol-Amsterdam to the project in Venice and Treviglio) plays with some short theoretical essays of Stefano Boeri and Adriaan Geuze on the new form of urban design.

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Anno: 2000
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