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Jensen & Skodvin Architects: Design Peak 07


The Norwegian Jensen & Skodvin’s practice which started in 1995 was awarded the Grosch Medal, the first to succeed Sverre Fehn, a choice which represents a shift to a new generation of important Norwegian architects. While their architectural work has a timeless quality, their best work, nonetheless, is regarded internationally as an extension of ‘The Nordic Tradition’ and confirms Jensen and Skodvin’s position as important representatives of this generational change. Projects include Wormdal Haug, Sinsen Metro Station, Storo Metro Station, Mortensrud Church, Grand Slam Pavillion, the redesign of Oslo Central Station, the Harbour Development in Filipstad and more.

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Formato: 24x35
Pagine: 330
Lingua: KO-GB
Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9788996290483