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New York: A Photographer's City

di M.Hamburg Kennedy H.Fang

An unparalleled compilation of contemporary photographs of New York City and its boroughs by famous and emerging artists. New York City has experienced extreme flux over the last ten years. Today, contemporary photographers from all over the world have been capturing the City, its dynamic boroughs, and all its transformations, offering views, cityscapes, and vignettes we’ve not seen before. New York: A Photographer’s City is a world-class look at the city, reflecting the avant-garde spirit of New York and containing previously unpublished work by well-known and emerging contemporary artists. This volume includes more than 350 images from all five New York City boroughs by more than one hundred artists such as Jack Pierson, Atta Kim, Doug Aitken, Joel Meyerowitz, Andreas Gursky, Tim White Sobieski, Ed Burtynsky, Thomas Struth, Jenny Holzer, and Michael Eastman, among many others, which not only document the city but also reflect and explore an innovative perspective of New York in the twenty-first century. New York: A Photographer’s City reveals a post-9/11, visually fresh approach to the City and will appeal to both fans of art photography and of New York.

“No single set of eyes could possibly take in all of the Big Apple. This much is readily apparent upon opening New York: A Photographer’s City, a dazzling new book edited by Marla Hamburg Kennedy that compiles images taken by mare than 100 artists, including Andreas Gursky, Ryan McGinley, and Catherine Opie. Together, the 200-plus works brilliantly capture the spirit, both gritty and glamorous, of the five boroughs.” ~Architectural Digest

“This lush collection, which includes works by Berenice Abbott and Stephen Wilkes, offers fresh perspective on the ‘physical uniqueness’ of the city’s familiar venues, mostly captured in color… the images do succeed in going beyond the concrete to capture what Elizabeth Sussman describes in her foreword as the image of the city,both permanent and transitory,that‘haunts past and present photography of New York.’”~New York Times

“New York:A Photographer’s City,out next month from Rizzoli,is a rare book of photography that is as witty as it is striking:compiling its 250 images,the book’s editor,Marla Hamburg Kennedy,surely had all of New York City’s idiosyncrasies in mind…and New Yorkers will find the book utterly,piquantlytrue.”~Interview

“New York:A Photographer’s Cityis a world-class collection,featuring artists from all over the globe,offering views,cityscapes,and vignettes that are fresh and beautifully illustrate the city’s 5 ever-changing boroughs.”~Slamxhype


* > Marla Hamburg Kennedy is a leading dealer and adviser for twentieth- and twenty-first-century art. Hamburg Kennedy was previously the director of the Howard Greenberg Gallery and managing partner of Kennedy Boesky Photographs until starting Hamburg Kennedy Photographs in 2004. She was also the editor of the book Looking at Los Angeles.

Veste editoriale: Rilegatura
Pagine: 304
Immagini a colori: 250
Immagini b/n: 100
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9780847835843