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Global Danish Architecture #3: Climate, Energy, Sustainability

di Marianne Ibler

GD #3 SUSTAINABILITY presents new and sustainable architecture. The different architectural typologies include residential buildings, hotels, cultural buildings, and industrial buildings created by 17 innovative and renowned architectural studios. The book contains projects by architectural studios such as BSAA arkitekter, Dissing & Weitling, Holgaard Arkitekter, NORD, STUFF, and Transform as well as exclusive interviews on the topic of sustainability with the different architectural studios

Sustainability has evolved from being a vaguely formulated intention found mainly in manifestos and toasts to being an actual, decisive architectonic parameter.

Klavs Hyttel, partner at C.F. Møller Architects

This title contains some of the best projects from Danish architecturl firms, focusing in particular on new architecture based on environmentally efficient technologies. It contains many beautiful color illustrations and clear plans. The book concisely pinpoints the essence of sustainable architecture.


Global Danish Architecture deals with the increased competition within sustainable construction. It illustrates how Danish architectural firms tackle and work with sustainable technologies today.

Danish Edge


* • Texts and interviews are written by Marianne Ibler
• Forword is written by Connie Hedegaard, the former Danish minister of Climate and Energy

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