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Next Nature: Nature Changes Along With Us

a cura di K.Van Mensvoort H. J.Grievink

Today the human impact on our planet can hardly be underestimated. Climate change, population explosion, genetic manipulation, digital networks, plastics islands floating in the oceans. Untouched old nature is almost nowhere to be found. This book explores our changing notion of nature. How nature has become one of the most successful products of our time, yet much of what we perceive as nature is merely a simulation: a romanticized idea of a balanced, harmonic, inherently good and threatened entity. How evolution continues nonetheless. How technology - traditionally created to protect us from the forces of nature - gives rise to a next nature, that is just as wild, cruel, unpredictable and threatening as ever.



* > Contributors: Bruce Sterling , Kevin Kelly , Peter Lunenfeld , Rachel Armstrong , Caroline Nevejan , Tracy Metz , Zach Zorich , Jiang Jun , Berry Eggen , Arnoud van den Heuvel , Rolf Coppens

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Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 472
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9788492861538