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Synesthetic Design: Handbook For A Multi Sensory Approach

di Michael Haverkamp

Synesthetic design strives to develop products that systematically incorporate all five senses. In future, the current wealth of medical technical insights in psychology, physiology, motor functions, and neurology and the development of innovative materials with astonishing new properties will open up almost unlimited opportunities for the designer’s creativity. Haverkamp brings together for the first time precisely those aspects of this fundamental knowledge that are specifically relevant for designers. The result is a book that offers designers of all schools a clear and well-organized practical handbook and a solid foundation for their own designs.


* > Michael Haverkamp has been working on the concept of multi-sensory design for many years; he is an internationally recognized expert on sound design and synesthesia research in general.

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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2012
ISBN: 9783034607155