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Housing Density

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- Horizontal vs. vertical housing densification

- 14 renowned Austrian architects run design studios

- Contributions of experts and interviews with Harry Glück and Roland Rainer


    Housing Density Housing construction for the greatest number is an indicator of the social character of a society. Most people want to live in a single-family house. Is it possible to realize the qualities of single-family housing in high-density construction?

    Almost 400 students of the Vienna University of Technology worked on this topic in the course of a design studio and – supervised by fourteen renowned Austrian architects – developed housing construction projects of various densities and environments. Selected works indicate the direction, but also the limits (of growth).

    With contributions by Silvia Boday, Marlies Breuss, Eva Ceška, Maria Flöckner, Susanne Fritzer, Katharina Fröch, Kinayeh Geiswinkler-Aziz, Gerda Maria Gerner, Feria Gharakhanzadeh, Adele Gindlstrasser, Ulrike Hausdorf, Franziska Orso, Ursula Schneider and Martina Schöberl.

    Two interviews with Harry Glück and Roland Rainer, conducted by Gerhard Steixner and Maria Welzig, introduce this topic to the reader by documenting contrasting concepts of horizontal and vertical densification in housing construction.

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