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Large Scale Projects In German Cities: Urban Development 1990�2010


Large-scale projects today – a paradigm shift in urban development? When large housing developments fell into disrepute, small projects became the model for the reconstruction of cities. Today, the broad range of the new generation of large-scale projects reflects a renaissance of the city. Reunification and globalization have initiated the development of new large-scale projects in Germany. Cities are seizing the opportunities provided by structural change, and many conversion sites are being redeveloped. These developments are about cities rather than about suburbs. Dealing with urban diversity and social heterogeneity, with integration and cohesion, with history and good design, these are the long-term tasks of urban development, no less in the projects presented in this publication. Large-scale projects are models for future living conditions. Their qualities can set standards and their shortcomings promote necessary learning processes. Large-scale projects can sketch generalizable images of the future of the European city.


* Edited by Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Engelbert Lütke Daldrup and Peter Zlonicky

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