copertina di Szyszkowitz + Kowalski

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Szyszkowitz + Kowalski: Architecture 1994–2010

a cura di Frank R. Werner

For decades, buildings by the team of Graz-based architects Szyszkowitz + Kowalski have graced contemporary architecture with their vital, unmistakeable formal language and their new building typologies untrammelled by closed systems. The architects’ œuvre enjoys world-wide recognition and has done so for many years. This monographic publication deals with buildings and projects dating from 1994–2010, but also includes older seminal works. Analytical essays by Frank R. Werner on topics including narrative, layers, transformation, translocation, dynamics, resistance, congruence, landscape and added value explain the design strategies behind the works. The publication reflects the architects’ own memorable style and humanity, and also includes several opulent series of images, short descriptions of the objects, a chapter on unrealised competition entries, and an index of works. It is no coincidence that buildings by Karla Kowalski and Michael Szyszkowitz are among the most outstanding achievements in contemporary architecture, independent of debates about style or local reference.

Veste editoriale: Rilegatura
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Lingua: GB-D
Anno: 2010