copertina di Mose

Walther KÖnig Verlag


di Walter Niedermayr
a cura di W.Guerrieri T.Serena

This volume collects the photographs taken by Walter Niedermayr in Venice 2008 at the Mose work sites in the lagoon inlets and some of the islands affected by the system intended to safeguard the Venetian lagoon. Niedermayr's images are characterized by the use of a dazzling light that renders the space evanescent. They seem to suggest the probability of breaking free in space and dissolving the presupposition of perspectival construction or, rather, the possibility of describing the objects, collocated in space, through a geometrical-mathematical model.


* > Catalogo della Mostra: Mose. Linea di Confine per la Fotografia Contemporanea, Rubiera. Ed. by William Guerrieri. & Tiziana Serena Text by Tiziana Serena. Cologne 2010.

Veste editoriale: Brossura
Pagine: 80
Immagini a colori: 66
Lingua: GB-IT
Anno: 2010
ISBN: 9783865603951