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Gingko Press

Graphics & Space

di Sandu Cultural Media

When monochromatic and dull repeated patterns no longer satisfy our visual hunger, designers use graphics to transform otherwise cold spaces into works of art. From retail shops to restaurants, museums to offices, this book focuses on the graphics of spaces — the effective use of chairs, wallpaper, tables, lighting fixtures, carpet, shelving and more. Curated case studies from designers around the world show that even windows can become graphics — whether they have designs painted on the glass, or if the glass itself has been shaped into a graphical element.
Designers everywhere can find inspiration, whether in the use of negative space to create shapes, or the carving of walls to form images such as the dark silhouette of a face. Graphic and interior designers alike will learn how graphics can be futuristic or naturalistic, and serve different purposes, whether to add beauty and calm to a room or fun to an otherwise dull environment. This unique visual feast showcases designers from around the world and details the concepts behind their designs for Siemens, Ralph Lauren, Tibi, Nike, Hugo Boss and more.

Veste editoriale: Rilegatura
Formato: 21x28,5
Pagine: 240
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2010
ISBN: 9781584233893