copertina di The Specific and The Singular

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The Specific And The Singular

a cura di V Ai Vlaams Architectuurinstituut

Architecture in Flanders: a hefty chunk of constructed reality. Specific and singular. For the 2010 edition of the Yearbook, the editors selected 38 exceptional projects built in 2008 and 2009. Constructions conspicuous for the way their designers communicate their views on architecture. Buildings that reveal the confrontations architecture enters into. And which are an invitation to critical reflection. The editorial staff and the guest authors from abroad subject the 38 unique projects to thorough analysis in the form of a personal architectural critique. A magnifying glass that shows up the knowledge concentrated in specific designs and demonstrates how this knowledge is able to contribute to the architectural enterprise. This, the ninth edition of the Yearbook, presents the best that architecture in Flanders has to offer. An indispensable document of a specific period for everyone who considers architecture of paramount importance.

Formato: 23x30
Pagine: 336
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2010
ISBN: 9789081326339