copertina di Archiprix International Mit Cambridge Usa 2011

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Archiprix International Mit Cambridge Usa 2011: The World’S Best Graduation Projects. Architecture Urban Design Landscape

a cura di Henk Van Der Veen

Every two years, Archiprix International invites all universitylevel courses in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture to select their best graduation projects and submit these for participation. This publication displays a representative selection of the projects submitted, including the nominees and winners chosen by an independent jury, and the favourites chosen by the participants themselves, supplemented by a representative selection that offers a picture of the range of designs and the graphical distribution across all continents. In addition, the book contains the personal data of the projects’ designers. All submissions can be viewed on the accompanying dvd. Archiprix International was first organized in Rotterdam in 2001. The 2011 edition is organized in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit), School of Architecture + Planning

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Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9789064507540