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21st Century Kitchen: Details For Great Kitchen Design

di Stephen Crafti

The humble kitchen has come a long way. No longer hidden from view, the kitchen has become integral to open-plan living. What was once the cook’s domain tucked away at the back of the house is now the hub around which family and visitors congregate.

There is a continuum of kitchen types in 21st Century Kitchens, from designs that are sleek and expensive to ones that take a more simple and cost-conscious approach. And not all of the kitchens are confined to the interior of the house – there are kitchens that extend outside to covered terraces, while others stand alone, complete with built-in barbeque, range top, fridge and sink.

21st Century Kitchens takes a fascinating look at some of Australia’s most creatively designed kitchens. Often considered to be the most challenging area of the house to design, the kitchens in this book are sure to surprise, fascinate and intrigue.

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Anno: 2010
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