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Graphic Design Inspirations


Graphic Design Inspirations is a compilation of over 1,500 designs for a variety of projects, products, target audiences, media and campaigns created by contemporary graphic designers from all over the world. Conceptual design, communicative strategy, typographical quality, visual innovation and originality within the layout were the decisive factors n the selection process for this book. The freedom of how young designers ignore the rules and the borders of functionality is herby particularly striking: The globalisation tendencies over recent years, an internationalisation of the markets and the omnipresent and constantly updated World Wide Web as means of communication are what have fundamentally changed order volume and the conditions of production. The internet has made it possible for designers to exchange information about new creations and trends on a regular basis, hereby narrowing former stylistic differences between continents and countries. There is even the possibility of “neighbourhoods” between cities such as Helsinki, Barcelona and New York. It seems that the graphic designers? imagination is fuelled by a more and more streamlined world: The creations are more adventurous and cheeky and their unconventional, funny and sassy shapes, colours and statements are confronting everyday life. This new lightness is a clearly recognisable common and very inspiring characteristic of these designs, with “trends” in style, shape, colour and statement being less obvious.

Graphic Design Inspirations is the fifth volume in the Inspirations Series published by daab. Architecture Inspirations, Photography Inspirations and Design Inspirations followed Interior Design Inspirations, a sumptuous collection of interior decoration and design.

Veste editoriale: Cartonato
Formato: 29x29
Pagine: 700
Lingua: GB-D-F-E-IT
Anno: 2010
ISBN: 9783866540750