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Gareth Hoskins Architects: 0 10 Years


First in a new series celebrating excellence in Scottish architectural practice that also aims to raise the profile of the selected offices in order to give them wider national and international recognition. Gareth Hoskins Architects has achieved notable success in just a decade of activity, working on often complex and challenging projects that range from arts and culture, healthcare, education and residential to commercial and master planning. Sixteen of the office’s works and projects are examined here, through colour photographs, technical drawings, sketches and models, all presented in a tidy, well-designed edition. Introduced by a conversation with Gareth Hoskins the publication is accompanied by four essays – two of which have been written by Deyan Sudjic and Hugh Pearman.

'GHA 0-10 Years' Exhibition The LIGHTHOUSE, Scotland's Centre for Architecture, Design and the City, Glasgow, UK

Some of the projects featured in the exhibition and book include Robin House Children’s Hospice, The Bridge Arts Centre, the Culloden Battlefield Memorial Centre and the current major redevelopment of the National Museum of Scotland.


* The first in a series of five monographs by the Lighthouse to celebrate Scottish Architectural talent features the work of Gareth Hoskins Architects. The exhibition runs from 12th September until 2nd November 2008 at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, before moving to the RIBA Gallery in London and then further afield to Europe.

The accompanying book, Gareth Hoskins Architects 0-10 years, was launched on 11 September 2008 at the opening of ‘A Gathering Space’ in the Piazzale della Stazione Santa Lucia, Venice, as part of Scotland’s first stand-alone presence at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

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