copertina di Graphic Masterpieces of Yakov G. Chernikhow

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Graphic Masterpieces Of Yakov G. Chernikhow: The Collection Of Dmitry Y. Chernikhov (3 Voll.)

a cura di Dmitry Y. Chernikhov

Workbook, Notebook (facsimile), Diary (facsimile)

- Contains some previously unpublished works by the Russian Constructivist Yakov G. Chernikhov, taken from his son’s archive
- With 60 written drafts, 50 drawings and sketches, 200 ornaments, diary entries and private photos from the family album

This splendid large-format volume features exclusive and previously unpublished works and documents from the famous Russian Constructivist Yakov Chernikhov from the archive of his son, Dmitry Chernikhov. These include sixty tables of typefaces, fifty drawings, and sketches, two hundred ornaments, as well as diary excerpts and photos from the private family album. With an introduction by the editor and an essay on Chernikhov’s artistic oeuvre by Dmitry Chmelnizki.

Veste editoriale: Cartonato + Cofanetto
Formato: 34x45
Pagine: 400
Immagini a colori: 450
Lingua: D-GB-RU
Anno: 2009
ISBN: 9783938666616