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Architecture In Context: Helin Workshop

di Peter Dawey

The Finnish architect Pekka Helin created his first firm in 1979. In his design approach, he draws in a specifically Scandinavian manner both on functionalism as well as on the organic architecture of Aalvar Alto, Viljo Revell, and Heikki Sirèn, but also Arne Erve. The building material wood plays a prominent role in this extremely clear architecture. The firm creates residential buildings -- often right next to water, where the structure's embeddedness in nature plays an important role in its sight lines -- but also office buildings, for example Nokia's corporate headquarters and the Finnish Modular Office, the tallest wooden office building in Europe. The firm's work also encompasses public buildings such as the Finnish embassy in Moscow and the concert hall and library in Espoo, and even town-planning projects, such as the master plan for the redesigning of the grounds of the former Oslo airport. This book presents twenty-four of the firm's projects organized by typological task, with the focus on life in nature, urban public buildings, residential structures, and various types of workspace.

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