copertina di Paris Designers and Their Interiors

Luster Publishing

Paris Designers And Their Interiors

di M.Farman D.Hendrikx

- Beautifully photographed interiors, created by innnovative young designers at the cutting-edge, reflecting contemporary life in one of the world's most stylish cities

- Eclectic living spaces that work on many levels, very hip, very cool

A wonderful collection of some of the most stylish interiors from young up-and-coming interior designers living in Paris. Imaginative use of limited space transforms even the smallest apartments into very contemporary living spaces that work on many levels. All the designs are completely original, offering a fresh take on city living; ranging from minimalist, to functional, to family-friendly, to cool and chic; all reflect their own unique personality and identity.

This book also features the ideas and inspirations of more established names in the contemporary design world such as Aki & Arnaud Cooren, Victoria Wilmotte, Mathilde Bretilot, Pierre Favresse, Cédric Ragot, José Lévy, Ionna Vautrin, Noé Ducha-four and Robert Stadler.


* > Parisian journalist Marie Farman specialises in contemporary art and design. She writes regular columns for popular design publications such as GQ, Figaro Madame, BE, BIBA, Cultes(s) and

Diane Hendrikx is a respected interior-design and food photographer for high-quality lifestyle publications such as Weekend Knack and Nest for more than 20 years.

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