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Xdga: 161 Book

di Christophe Van Gerrewey

Brussels architect's firm Xaveer De Geyter Architects is famous for its progressive and provocative urban concepts. XDGA holds a unique and relevant position within contemporary architecture. This collection gives an overview of 34 projects from the 1990s until now.

Christophe Van Gerrrewey has written 26 chapters, alphabetically ordered, in which the projects of XDGA are analysed in different ways; the interaction between word and project as a result, is essential reading for anyone interested in the influence and status of XDGA within the international architectural world.

Exhibition at Civa, Brussels (from 8th November 2013 until 26th January 2014)


* > Xaveer De Geyter is head of Xaveer De Geyter Architects and has won several prestigious awards designing important projects around the world.

Christophe Van Gerrewey works at Ghent University (Architecture & Urban planning).

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