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Water Urbanism 2: East

a cura di K.Shannon B.De Meulder

- Water in dwelled Regions of the World is a topic of great global Relevance

- Presents original Essays of renowned international Experts in Architecture and urban Planning

Waters Urbanisms 2 - East gathers a number of leading practitioners and academics from around the world to reflect on the growing challenges of water in cities, infrastructural landscapes and the re-unification of engineered and natural processes in Asia. The predicted consequences of climate change, such as drought and flooding, new pressures of storm water and basin management and ecological concerns have led to new design concepts and to projects that create rich interdependencies of water and urbanism. The content is structured by three sections, all of which are richly illustrated.

Contemporary Positions investigates at wide range of paradigms and projects. Re-visiting/Re-editing Urban Water Projects looks back at the world's rich legacy of water urbanisms, both older and recent projects, to re-evaluate their significance in light of today's challenges. Explorations & Speculations: Excerpts on Water Urbanisms highlights design research and new interplays between water, urbanism and infrastructure.

Contributors include: Sven Augusteyns, Shibu Bosu, Niels Buys, Christopher Colja, Jenny C. Chou, Bruno De Meulder, Annelies De Nijs, Stefanie Dens, Daan Derden, Tim Devos, Ben Dirickx, Tran Tien Dung, Jimena Garcia Galindo, Guido Geenen, Enrique Aucha Gomez, Rana Habibi, Shoichi Haryu, Haley Heard, Toshikazu,Ishida, Ester Jacobs, Saman Jamal, Paola Franco Jaramillo, Sumet Jumsai, Janelt Kao, Amber Kevelaerts, Sonja Lakic, Morvarid Khorramirad, Cesar Madrigal, Brian McGrath, Matteo Motti, Laura Nagels, Daniel Nyandega, Conor O Brien, Sanne Peeters, Isabelle Putseys, Vlaeria Raets, Laura Rijsbosch, Artur Shakhbazyan, Kelly Shannon, Ine Leen Sorgeloos, Terdsak Tachakitkachorn, Danai Thaitakoo, Pham Anh Tuan, Nguyen Tri Trung, Linde Van Reeth, Evelyne Wauters, Kevin Wei, Pei-Chun Wen, Karl Wittfogel, Honglin Wu, Kongjian Yu.


* > Kelly Shannon is a professor at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape, Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Norway).

Bruno De Meulder is professor for urbanism at the University of Leuven (Belgium).

Their Research Group Urbanism and Architecture at the University of Leuven seeks innovative interplays of landscape, infrastructure and urbanisation that respond to contemporary challenges, while critically evaluating the performance and capacity of existing contexts.

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