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Gregotti & Associates: The Architecture Of Urban Landscape

di Guido Morpurgo

To be published on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Vittorio Gregotti, founder and principal of the world-renowned Gregotti Associati. Gregotti reigned as editor of Casabella, Italy’s leading interior design and architecture magazine, for fourteen years. This book is a survey of his career and highlights his most important projects in architecture, urban design, and graphic design. However, the designs that take the spotlight are the ones Gregotti has conceived in China. In Pujiang (near Shanghai), he created the master plan for a new town inspired by the classical beauty of Italy. Pujiang brings pure Italian style to the heart of a new China: villas with a terrace or garden, classic Italian construction materials (such as white granite and red Venetian stucco), piazzas, hotels, shopping arcades, hanging gardens, and even navigable canals. This 'Venice of the Orient' is the crowning achievement of a breathtaking career.


* > Guido Morpurgo was educated at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He joined Gregotti Associati in 2000 and was named a partner in 2002. He is the principal overseer of the firm’s projects in the Shanghai area, most notably Pujiang.

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