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Historic Houses Of The Hudson River Valley

di Gregory Long

Back in print in a newly affordable edition, Historic Houses of the Hudson River Valleyshowcases a stunning array of three centuries of homes that are distinctive examples of the region's architecture. Overlooking the majestic Hudson River, the Hudson Valley has long been a favored place to live. From the homes of the early settlers of the seventeenth century to the estates of the landed gentry of the eighteenth century and the baronial mansions of the captains of industry of the nineteenth century, the valley boasts some of the finest houses in America. This book is a sumptuous presentation of thirty-three houses in the region, ranging from the earliest Dutch cottages still extant to the grand Gothic and Italianate revival, stately Georgian, Federal, and Beaux-Arts country homes of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


* > Gregory Long is president of the New York Botanical Garden. James Ivory is a director who has made more than fifteen films for Merchant Ivory Productions. He has a home in the Hudson River Valley. Bret Morgan is a well-known architecture photographer.

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