copertina di Hospital Architecture

Artpower International Publ. Co.

Hospital Architecture: 2 Voll.

di Li Aihong

Hospital Design includes varying styles of modern hospital architecture and every project has its unique design inspiration. Despite the fact that those architectures are different in appearance, the spirit they express is always the same - people oriented.

A hospital is often only ever associated with illness, but this is not always the case - it should also be associated with wellness. To eliminate the former image and encourage the latter, the design of the hospital must consider the perfect match of the facility with the surrounding environment and community needs. The excellent projects in this book perfectly illustrate these demands.

The locations featured in this book include Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Japan, Australia, UK, USA, The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Canada, to name a few.

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Formato: 21,5x28,5
Pagine: 480
Immagini a colori: 500
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9789881642844