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Rethinking Bamboo

di Freeman Lau Siu Hong

The outcome of an exhaustive research project into the material science of bamboo conducted by designer Freeman Lau Siu Hong, this dense volume presents the long history and deep cultural significance of this highly adaptable organic material with diverse applications in design, architecture and daily life. Starting from an exhibition and pavilion at the first Beijing International Design Triennial, the book takes an in-depth look at all aspects of traditional and modern bamboo design, from baskets, chairs and other furniture to bicycles and even bamboo automobiles. Various viewpoints on bamboo architecture in both Asian and Western cultures are also addressed.

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* > Born in 1958 in Hong Kong, Freeman Lau Siu Hong graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic. His aesthetic sensibility was further developed when he worked as a designer. In 1980s, Freeman started working with Dr. Kan Tai Keung at SS Design & Production and began their long working relationship. Freeman then became partner of Kan Tai Keung Design and Associates Limited in 1988 and the company was renamed Kan & Lau Design Consultants in 1996. Freeman devotes himself to the art and design industry and has achieved over 300 awards. His accomplishments are widely recognized by the Hong Kong government and academies. He was presented the Bronze Bauhinia Star Award in 2006, Honorary Fellowship of VTC in 2007 as well as University Fellowship of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2010. Besides, he also exerts genuine assertiveness in fine arts. His sculptural works and public art pieces are especially remarkable. They are collected by museums all around the world.

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Formato: 24x29
Pagine: 288
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9789881531698