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Origami House: Oab & Partners Carlos Ferrater Xavier Martí

di C.Ferrater X.Martí

In this unique family house, there appears to be no staircase and that none of the service facilities of the house are visible, all hidden away on a lower floor, which leads us to believe this is not a house but many houses at the same time. It is more a pavilion than a house, given that the only thing to emerge is a large open level of rectangular panels in a bright white as if it were a temporary Japanese pavilion or a marquee. The book includes an interview of the two architects: Ferrater and Martí by Emilio Tuñón as well as an extensive photo coverage and a selection of plans.

This complete monograph about the Origami House in Barcelona by OAB & Partners (Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí) thoroughly documents the exceptional residence inspired by the art of Japanese paper folding. Numerous stunning black-and-white photographs complement architectural drawings, technical details and an insightful conversation with the architects, who talk about their concept in terms of continuity, apparent in the residence’s play of scales, open-ended geometries and the dynamic created between interior and exterior spaces through the use of light.

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Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9789899782501