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Radical Renovations: Inspiring Architectural Makeovers

di Beth Browne

- Radical Renovations presents a range of beautifully transformed homes from around the world with full-colour 'before and after' photography, and detailed 'before and after' plans

- The book showcases architectural transformations from around the world, including a variety of design styles, building types, briefs and budgets

Radical Renovations presents more than fifty outstanding examples of adaptive reuse in residential and commercial architecture, wherein existing buildings have been dramatically transformed with truly stunning results.

For many of these remarkable remodels the architects have utilised the principles of environmentally sustainable development, highlighting the importance of making conscientious and creative use of available resources to minimise demolition and waste, while delivering cost savings, style, and sustainability. In locations as diverse as Japan, the UK, Spain, Australia, the USA and Italy, each radical renovation project breathes new life and function into an existing structure - often in astonishingly innovative ways.

Locations include: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA; Birchgrove, NSW, Australia; Vénda des Cap de Barbaría, Formentera, Spain; Wellfleet, Massachusetts, USA; Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom; Es Caló des Mort, Formentera, Spain; Solza, Lombardy, Italy; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Marke, Belgium; Dana Point, California, USA; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Manhattan, New York, USA; Gloucestershire, United Kingdom; Toronto, Canada; Weisbaden, Hesse, Germany; Healdeburg, California, USA; New Farm, Queensland, Australia; El Segundo, California, USA; College Park, South Australia, Australia; Yokosuka, Japan; Vitacura, Santiago, Chile; North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Norfolk, England, United Kingdom; Mosman Park, Western Australia, Australia.

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* > In almost five years at The Images Publishing Group, Beth Browne has edited more than 40 books on architecture, art, design, gardens and landscaping, craft, cooking and automobiles. She has also compiled a number of IMAGES' best-selling titles including 100 Country Houses: New Rural Architecture, 21st Century Interiors and 21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living. 

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