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di Chris Van Uffelen
  • Coastlands House in Big Sur, CA, USA (Studio Schicketanz)
  • Slip House in London, Great Britain (Carl Turner Architects)
  • House F87 in Berlin, Germany (Werner Sobek)
  • Housing Hatert in Nijmegen, The Netherlands (24H architecture)
  • Lush Pastures Eco Retreat in Inman Valley, Australia (Max Pritchard Architect)

Combining sustainability with trendsetting design is one of the great challenges of contemporary architecture. In addition to an increased awareness of the interdependence of human beings, their built environment and the eco system, coupled with the desire of maintaining a livable and intact world for future generations and the wish for a healthy residential environment, economic considerations have considerably gained in significance in recent years. The creation of resource saving residential buildings is therefore an important and exciting task today.

The project selection of this volume includes more than 120 examples of all types, ranging from single family dwellings via apartment houses to entire estates. Depending on the type of project and its circumstances, a great variety of methods, procedures and techniques are applied. This publication shows the great variety of possibilities offered by established strategies as well as new and experimental approaches and highlights the interaction of an artistic expression and environmentally friendly technology.

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