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The Design Hotels Book: Edition 2013

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Discerning travelers can cherry-pick from the most attractive design hotels worldwide that are presented on the book‘s almost 800 pages.

Comprised of almost 800 pages of stunning accommodations, this is the most extensive edition of the Design Hotels Book to date. The opulent hardcover showcases an exclusive selection of the most attractive design hotels from around the world.

The publication introduces more than 230 hotels and their makers. Detailed profiles contain information about the architecture, design, and location of each hotel as well as the distinctive features that make each of them so special.

The Design Hotels Book also includes informative essays about hotel design concepts and the creative talents behind them that give readers valuable insight into the future of the hotel and luxury sectors.

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Formato: 22,4x32
Pagine: 792
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 9783899554632