IVANO GIANOLA. Buildings and Projects / Edifici e Progetti

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IVANO GIANOLA. Buildings and Projects / Edifici e Progetti

a cura di Nicola Prost - Katia Accossato

Ivano Gianola is one of the most important exponents of the so-called Ticino School. This developed in the early 1970s as a loose association of architects who thought in related ways. At the time, their ambition was to set radical alternatives of a powerfully symbolic nature against the increasing destruction of the environment by new building in Ticino.

What made Gianola’s buildings different from others of the Ticino School from the outset was the subtle way they were bound into their context, and their precise craftsmanship. The latter meant that building after building, especially in terms of interior finish and the coherence of all the details, became real total works of art. So it is hardly surprising that Gianola created the most beautiful living spaces in Ticino, in the best Arts-and-Crafts tradition.

This craft precision, combined with high formal and aesthetic values, was probably also crucial to the fact that in the 1990s Gianola was commissioned to design a series of public and private buildings abroad. Thus his conversions and new buildings for the Bayerische Vereinsbank in Schäfflerhof in Munich made a major contribution to the new concept for the well-known Fünf Höfe site.

But Gianola's greatest success so far was winning an international competition for redesigning the extensive site around the ruins of the former »Palace« luxury hotel in Lugano. Here a theatre seating over 1200 people, a modern art museum, housing and offices, a municipal park and a new section of the lakeside prome- nade will be created over the next five years. This is the biggest project that the Canton of Ticino has ever awarded, and it will have found an appropriate architect.

This first publication of the complete works of Gianola gives the latest of the leading protagonists of the Ticino School a monograph of his own.


- Edited by Nicola Probst and Katia Accossato, with an essay by Frank R. Werner and annotations to the projects by Katia Accossato 

> Katia Accossato studied architecture in Milan and Venice. She practises in Mendrisio and teaches at the Accademia di Architet- tura di Mendrisio and at the Fachhochschule Liechtenstein. Nicola Probst studied architecture in Lugano and Berkeley. He practises in Lugano and teaches at the Accademia di Architettura di Men- drisio. Frank R. Werner is director of the Institut für Architekturge- schichte und Architekturtheorie at the Bergische Universität in Wuppertal. He studied painting, architecture and architectural his- tory in Mainz, Hanover and Stuttgart.

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